How to install bucket teeth to an excavator bucket

Changing bucket teeth on an excavator bucket is a relatively straightforward process that can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Before you get started you’ll need a pin removal tool or a hammer/mallet and a punch tool that we can use to strike the pin out from the existing bucket teeth. 

When striking things, generally it’s a good idea to wear protective equipment such as eye protection and some gloves. If you’re concerned your hands are too close to the hammer blows, you can grip the punch tool using vice grips or a similar tool that should keep your hand further away from the hammer.

If your excavator bucket is no longer attached and laying on the ground, you’ll want to ensure the bucket is tilted in a direction that is comfortable to work with, sometimes laying a support underneath the mouth end of the bucket is easier for keeping it raised.

Firstly, you’ll need to locate the bolts/pins that hold the tooth in place. These bolts/pins will typically be located on the top and bottom, or left and right side of the tooth and will need to be removed before you can replace the tooth. To remove the pins, align the punch tool with the end of the first pin and hammer until the pin is detached. Complete this step for each and each of the bucket teeth should be removable ready to have a new bucket tooth installed.

With your new bucket teeth, locks, and pins/bolts ready to be installed. Begin by aligning the circle lock within the new excavator tooth (yes, this should be fitted to the inside of the bucket tooth). if the tooth and lock are aligned, you should be able to slide the new pin much of the way through and hammer to attach the new bucket tooth. Repeat this step for each of the new teeth for excavator buckets.

This process may vary depending on the make and model of machinery you have. Some do come with bolts that need to be unscrewed using a wrench but the rest of the steps are still the same. 

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